My Cash Envelope Stuffing Playlist!!

  • Lisa Casanova ~ Galaxy Savings Challenge

    "How wonderful this product is, the packaging, the personalized hand written note and the little gifts that were included!! Amazing!! I always saw her ads on Instagram and always wanted to have a budgeting system, Quedema's unique way of advertising caught my eye!! She has so many cute items!! I can spend hours looking at everything!! I am looking forward to learning how to use this fantastic budgeting tool on your YouTube channel Quedema! Thank you so much for all the love and attention you gave my order!!"

  • D3ya_V0204

    "You are my hero! I really look up to you, like anytime I feel like giving up you push me to be better and hang on. Thank you"

  • Kpbeauty81- Glitter Binder & Marble Envelopes

    "Absolutely devine! These are so beautiful. I love it. I love it! These are so perfect and I can not wait to order more. I love the marble color, it is so pretty. Thank you so much. Please go follow Quedemas Boutique she has so many nice will made items. She did a very good job. Also thank you for the extra goodies, so thoughtful. "

  • BudgetingTheBacon ~ Envelopes & Stickers

    "Looking at my goodies/happy mail that I received from Quedema over a year ago still brings a smile to my face"

  • Kkkkit_kkkkat ~ Cigar Box Savings Challenge

    "Thank you so much Quedema! My sister and I love everything! You are all kind to add all the extras. The car freshie smells divine and the black cat is too adorable! Thank you for your help in out budgeting journey. Hugs"

  • TheKrystolMethod

    "I love it! The cigar box is so pretty! I love it!"

  • Evelyn H. Gonzalez

    "We received our order!! And it's absolutely perfect!! My son loved it!!"

  • Aggieegee

    "My daughter is ready to start budgeting thanks to this savings tracker and cash stuffing envelopes. Get your child budgeting and hit up Quedemas Budget Boutique."

  • Starfire311

    "How cute are my new wallets from Quedemas Budget Boutique! I love them!"

  • Linda.flores1123 ~ Cassette Tape Wallets

    "Love Quedemas Boutique items!

  • Marlana Triggs ~ Savings Trackers & Envelopes

    "Got such beautiful items in the mail today!! After watching Quedema on Youtube for a while. I knew her online site was going to be amazing"

  • Lidia Vargas ~ Filofax Organizer

    "Perfect Organizer and wallet combo! I bought it cheaper on Quedema Budget Boutique then the Filofax site. Great products for budgeters!

  • Susan. D

    Quedema your step by step budget worksheet is a game changer. Thank you!

  • Deanna Garcia

    Since finding your channel and using your budget sheets I've been able to pay all my bills on time :)

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