About Me

 I am a Homeschool Mama to 4 boys.

-I work from home where I also run my Small Business and Nonprofit Foundation.

- I am a recovering designer junkie

- I budget because I grew tired of living paycheck to paycheck.

- My starting debt was over 107K

- I like to read, craft and workout

- I want to retire early and be able to cash flow my kids college

- I started homeschooling in 2018. And in 2019 I started a 501c3 Homeschool Nonprofit that serves Homeschool Families in my Community

- I invest and pay off debt at the same time

- I've been cash envelope stuffing since 2019 and I swear by it

- I still have minor money setbacks but I'm not a mindless spender anymore ((Thank God))

- My entire Financial Journey is on my youtube channel. If you watch my videos in order from oldest to newest you can see how far we have come!

- While your here I hope you enjoy shopping my Boutique and I wish you the very best on your finacial journey! Take care and God bless!

♡ Quedema