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$1000 Cigar Box Savings Challenge | 9 Piece Bundle

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Quedemas $1000 Cigar Box Savings Challenge! $20 Challenge!!!

Each Empty Recycled Cigar Box is carefuly selected for its beauty and character and then matched with the perfect envelopes.

Made for Low & High Income Earners!!!! You can move as fast or as slow as you need to during this savings challenge and when you've completed it you would have saved $1000!! Perfect for Weekly & Biweekly pay periods!!!

This 9 Piece Bundle Includes: 1 Empty Cigar Box, 5 Laminated Envelopes, 1 Sharpie Marker, 1 Envelope Clip, 1- 1K Slip.

Each box is handmade (not made by me) and is recycled and may show signs of wear. Each envelope has a Tracker laminated on the outside and can be reused.

This item can not be customized. You will get the exact items in these photos.

To learn how to use this savings challenge please visit my youtube channel. If you have any questions please message me.

I do try to make each handmade item as perfect as possible but please understand there may be imperfections. Color may differ due to lighting and screen display.

* This cigar box is handmade however, NOT made by me. I do not promote smoking (if you do that's fine) I simply appreciate the beauty and quality that goes into making certain cigar boxes. Shopping from my Boutique you get the perfect box matched together with custom envelopes made by yours truly. Quedema, LLC is not affiliated or associated with the creator or manufacturer of this Empty Cigar Box. 

If you have any questions please message me.

**If there is money in any of my photos please understand that Money is not included-its simply used for demonstration.